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 — friend~ship (2002-2003)
Gerald Nestler / Oliver Irschitz

projectfriend~ship was established as a collaborative workspace for sound, visuals and 3d-animation – friend – and a mobile presentation medium that allowed for contact-free surfing in 3d – ship. The platform with Peyote's innovative natural interaction technology was experienced in the iTube.

In co-operation with artists, scientists and others, projectfriend~ship realized projects in which virtual and real environments merged and interchanged.

Virtuality acts as a feedback area to the specific reality of the site and opens it up for creative interventions. The visitors / participants experience these projects in the Internet and on site.

2003 projectfriend~ship at fluc
Vienna Praterstern

The iTube was installed in front of the fluc. friend~ship operated as a visual, acoustic and architectonic interface for each visitor / participant, connecting the 3d-projects, the fluc-bar and the Praterstern.

The 3d-projects shown in the iTube, together with a multichannel live sound-installation by Christof Cargnelli, Peter Szely and dy:na‘mo created a continually changing performance out of the sounds of Praterstern, the iTube and the fluc. The urban, social, visual and acoustic structures of the Praterstern were experienced in their interchanging qualities.


2002 c_bite // CeBIT, Hanover // Internet //

c_bite was an interactive and collective photo, text, 3d-object and sound collage, which was created simultaneously and in real time.

c_bite turned the trade fair CeBIT itself, its resources, its function, its structures and communication patterns into the subject of an on-the-spot artistic debate, using the material for subversive creation.

By this it acted as a Trojan Horse or virus entering this largest global fair for technology and business, using it as material for its own creations and inviting people from outside to participate interactively.

The project generated a symbiosis out of art, architecture, technology and communication, using the technology as a tool for critically discursive treatment.

Photos 1 + 2 courtesy Bruno Stubenrauch