Gerald Nestler
Artist and Researcher

De Sign Your Self-Colonisation as Human Resource    Micro Brand and Consume Your Awareness   You are Not as Rare as Reality
exerpt from "Deriviative Bond Emissions", collection of ongoing text works

Gerald Nestler is an artist and author who combines theory and conversation with video, installation, performance, codes, signs, sound, and speech. He explores what he terms the "derivative condition" of contemporary social relations and its paradigmatic financial models, operations, and narratives. Concerning artistic practice, Gerald develops formats that bring together artists, theorists, scholars and other experts to engage in postdisciplinary imaginations and manifesations towards new forms of "renegade activism." He is currently working on an "aesthetics of resolution" that addresses the violent information asymmetries of black box capitalism and the regime change from representational to performative speeches of power, which we are wittnessing today.

He graduated from the Academy of fine arts Vienna (1992) and subsequently engaged in digital media and early Internet practices. The new economy's Internet boom led him to conduct artistic research as a broker and trader (1994-97) in order to investigate the impact of finance on societies and the production of subjectivity. His artistic work has been shown internationally since the late 1990s. Amongst other grants he was awarded the Austrian State Grant for Visual Art (2003) and Austrian AIR-grants for Beijing (2008) and New York/ISCP (2016). He is a member of the volatility working group, New York, and the Technopolitics research group, Vienna.

Gerald has also published widely on finance as well as art, including "Yx," an artist book/reader on finance and economy as fields of artistic research (Schlebruegge.Editor, Vienna, 2007), the KUNSTFORUM INTERNATIONAL issues 200 + 201 on Art and Economy (edited with Dieter Buchhart, 2010), the reader "Making of Finance" (edited with Armen Avanessian, Merve Verlag Berlin, 2015) or the special issue on Art and Finance of the academic journal Finance and Society (with Suhail Malik, 2016). He holds a PhD from the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmith, University of London (2017). >>


PROJECTS (selected)
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Publications (selection)

  Reader and artist book,
Schlebruegge.Editors, 2007
  Catalogue ed. w. Sylvia Eckermann
and MKL | Kunsthaus Graz, 2010
  Selected projects 2012-2014,
Broschure, 2014


Art series that engages with the transformation towards post-global ecologies and societies
by exploring the notion of demonstration and its technological, political, pedagogical and
aesthetic capacities.

Season 1 | 2017  VERMÖGEN
October 31 - November 11, 2017
Venue: REAKTOR, Vienna

Season 2 | 2018   PASSION

November 2018

Idea, concept and format: Sylvia Eckermann and Gerald Nestler
Artistic directors: Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler, Maximilian Thoman

Website >>

Volatility Working Group
A research project by the New School for Social Reseach and the New York University
initiated by Benjamnin Lee and Robert Wosnitzer that explores the social, cultural,
financial, and political implications of volatility.

Tecnopolitics Research Group
Technopolitics is an independent, transdisciplinary platform of artists, journalists, researchers,
designers and developers who jointly explore innovative formats at the intersection of art,
research, science, and pedagogy. Technopolitics also produces interdisciplinary conferences
and artistic research projects internationally.
An important common objective is the investigation
of large-scale historical processes structured by technoeconomic paradigms from a critical,
explorative standpoint. We use transdisciplinary approaches to connect these processes to
the cultural forms of the respective historical moment and place, including the participants’ own work.

Technopolitics was launched as an online discussion group by Armin Medosch and Brian Holmes in 2009.

Technopolitics Working Group:
John Barker, writer | Sylvia Eckermann, artist | Doron Goldfarb, computer scientist |
Armin Medosch, artist/curator/scholar | Gerald Nestler, artist, writer |
Felix Stalder, sociologist, cultural theorist | Axel Stockburger, artist, researcher |
Gerald Straub, applied cultural theorist, curator, artist |
Matthias Tarasiewicz, digital artist, researcher | Thomas Thaler, science journalist |
Sophie-Carolin Wagner, researcher | Ina Zwerger, science journalist, Ö1
In memory of Armin (1962-2017)
website >>


Das ABC der Finanzwelt
OE1 Radiokolleg series on finance, 2015-2017
Austrian Broadcasting Corporation radio series on the world of finance (in German)
link to archive >>

PREVIOUS (selection)

1948 Unbound. Unleashing the technical present
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
November 30 – December 2, 2017

Bit registers: Switches, Seeds, Hydrocarbons, Tokens, Chance

Research, conversations, performative elements

Switches was co-curated by Gerald Nestler with the HKW (Katrin Klingan, Nicholas Houde, Janek Müller, Christoph Rosol, Johanna Schindler)
The research project Technosphere 2015-2019 is part of 100 Years of Now.

1948 Unbound Website >>
1948 Unbound documentation >>

Photo credit: Joachim-Dette

Technopolitics @ Patchlab Digital Art Festival
TECHNOPOLITICS presents Tracing Information Society – a Timeline (v.4 Hong Kong)

6. Patchlab Festival International Digital Art Festival, Krakow, Poland, October 24 - 29 2017

This year’s edition is dedicated to data art and artificial intelligence (AI), designs using extraordinary material – big data bases, which have an increasing impact on our life and the whole society. Data has become a construction material for sophisticated art forms and a basis for philosophical reflection. The exhibition will take place in Malopolski Ogród Sztuki and at Galeria Bunkier Sztuki. The festival will present artists from Poland, Germany, Austria, France, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Iran, Japan and Taiwan.

Techopolitics is represented in Krakow by Doron Goldfarb and Ina Zwerger.

Photo: technopolitics


September 7 - 11, 2017, Linz, Austria

The ENTROPY project is a coproduction of in cooperation with 
MTTW, Tanzquartier Wien, MEDIA OPERA Wien, brut and ZENTRALWERK Dresden

Workshops with experts. lectures and exhibition on the Tracing Information Society project

Connecting Space, Hong Kong
Public presentation June 23, 2017
June 20 - July 1, 2017
In collaboration with Zurich University of the Arts and Connecting Spaces.

Photo: technopolitics | poster: Sylvia Eckermann

INSTANTERNITY – A Black Box Body Cult
A performative cartography of automated finance
In collaboration with Haim Bodek (financial expert and whistleblower), Sylvia Eckermann (artist)
and Davide De Lillis, Eva Müller, and Sebastian Collado (performing artists).

VORBRENNER 17. Laboratory for experimental and interdisciplinary art projects.
April 6, 2017, Freies Theater Innsbruck.

Vorbrenner fb >>
Vorbrenner web >>

Photo credit: Christa-Pertl

– Tracing Information Society – a Timeline: New Paradigms
Panel discussion at "ever elusive" - 30 years of transmediale
Feb 2-5, 2017
HKW – Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
transmediale >>
Exhibition, lectures, workshops and discussions
Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst (nGbK)
Jan 26-Feb 5, 2017

nGbK >>
Technopolitics >>
Project documentation >>

Photo: technopolitics | video still courtesy transmediale

Finance and Society vol. 2, no. 1, special issue on art and finance
P!  334 Broome Street, New York, NY 10002
January 25, 2017
Goldsmiths, University of London
February 7, 2017

Issue edited by Suhail Malik and Gerald Nestler
Interview by the editors with Clare McAndrew
Research articles by Laura Lotti, Emily Rosamond
Essays by Victoria Ivanova and Christopher Wood, Alasdair King, Ruth Catlow, Brett Scott
Artistic statements by Paolo Chirio, Enxuto and Love, UBERMORGEN, Sylvia Eckermann and Gerald Nestler
and Kathleen Ditzig, Robin Lynch, Debbie Ding
Review Forum: Timothy C. Johnson on Elie Ayache and Jon Roffe's latest books; with responses by the authors.

link to the online issue >>
P! >>

INSTANTERNITY – A Cartography of Automated Finance
An evening of discussion on art, finance and resistance.
With artists Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler and high-frequency trading expert and whistleblower, Haim Bodek

Austrian Cultural Forum New York, 11 East 52nd Street, New York, NY 10022
January 23, 2017, 6:30 - 8 pm
In cooperation with the International Studies and Curatorial Program (ISCP)
International Studies and Curatorial Program (ISCP) >>
Austrian Cultural Forum New York >>
Haim Bodek >>

Map from the INSTNANTERNITY research on automated finance
video: Gerald Nestler, CONTINGENT CLAIM. Portrait of a Philosophy. series 2, Haim Bodek
Photo: Sylvia Eckermann and Gerald Nestler

Residency at the ISCP, New York
August 2016 - January 2017
artist grant, Arts and Culture Division, Austrian Federal Chancellery
link to the ISCP >>
International Studio & Curatorial Program Open Studio >>

I stood before the source
group show curated by Letters & Handshakes
Blackwood Gallery at University of Toronto Mississauga
Oct 16-Dec 3, 2016
link >>
catalogue >>

Photo credit: Toni Hafkenscheid

The Politics of Resolution
Talk and discussion
Iin collaboration with Parallax Drift Faculty member Victoria Ivanova's program Citizenship for a Posthumanrights World
Nov 10, 7pm
ArtCenter/South Florida, Miami Beach
link to ArtCenter/South Florida >>

Visiting lecturer Gerald Nestler in conversation with Victoria Ivanova.
ArtCenter/South Florida’s Program for Applied Artistic Research.

OPERA of ENTROPY. post-dramatic music theatre
Artistic direction: Thomas J. Jelinek
A coproduction of and Musiktheatertage Wien
World premiere: August 30 & 31, September 4 & 6, 2016, Werk X Vienna
more info >>

Tracing Information Society – a Timeline
Technopolitics at the MAK FORUM
Opening: June 21, 19:30 - 23:00 Uhr
21. – 26. Juni 2016
MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art
Stubenring 5, 1010 Wien >>
MAK >>

Photo credit: Andi Diem

The Promise of Total Automation
Kunsthalle Wien, Museumsquartier, Vienna
March 11-May 29, 2016
link to website >>>

download booklet >>>

Installation view: The Promise of Total Automation, Kunsthalle Wien 2016, Photo credit: Jorit Aust
Top: Gerald Nestler; middle: Magali Reus; front: Mark Manders.


SOCIAL GLITCH Radical aesthetics and the consequences of extreme events
link to website >>>
link to catalogue >>>
link to webjournal continent. special issue on SOCIAL GLITCH >>>

An exhibition at the KUNSTRAUM NIEDEROESTERREICH and projects in the public space of Vienna,
at the Buchhandlung Walther Koenig at MuseumsQuartier Wien, and the WUK.
September 25 - December 5, 2015.

Curated by:
Gerald Nestler, Sylvia Eckermann and Maximilian Thoman

Co-curated by:
Bettina Kogler, WUK.performing.arts (performance)
Gerald Straub (workshops & interventions in public space)
Georg Weckwerth, TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien (sound art)

In cooperation with:
TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien, Q21


sponsored by supergood

Making of Finance
edited by Armin Avanessian und Gerald Nestler.
MERVE Verlag, Berlin, 2015.

download INTRODUCTION (in German)

Book launch Berlin: June 5, 2015, Schinkelpavilion. With Armen Avanessian and Elie Ayache.
Book launch Vienna: June 8, 2015 at kunstraum BERNSTEINER. Ina Zwerger (Ö1 Radiokolleg) in conversation with
Elie Ayache (finance expert and philosopher), Armin Medosch (theoretician and curator) and Gerald Nestler.
kunstraum BERNSTEINER, 1020 Wien, Schiffamtsgasse 11

HEDGE AVANTGARDE. renegades, traitors, educators

An Inquiry into an Aesthetics of Resolution

solo show at Kunstraum Bernsteiner, Vienna AT
May 6-June 13, 2015
download infos + pics

Further information and images: >>

center & peripheries
with Armen Avanessian, curated by Joanna Warsza, artgenève Geneva, 2015

Les Rencontres International. nouveau cinema et art contemporain
Gaité Lyrique, Paris, Dec 1-7, 2014
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, June 23-28, 2015

Parallel Vienna
solo presentation by invitation of kunstraum Bernsteiner, Oct 1-5, 2014

refuse the shadow of the past
group show curated by ASAP at the University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hongkong, 2014

group show at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin >>
curated by Anselm Franke and Eyal Weizmann
A project co-produced by Haus der Kulturen der Welt
and Forensic Architecture, an ERC funded research project
based at Goldsmiths, University of London
March 15 - May 5, 2014

Video link Countering Capitulation >>
text link Mayhem in Mahwah >>

Book publication:
Forensis. The Architecture of Public Truth.
edited by Forensic Architecture
published by Sternberg Press,
2014 >>

GLITCH. Unser Schreibzeug arbeitet mit an unseren Gedanken
Group show at Kunstraum Innsbruck, AT>>
produced by Medien.Kunst.Tirol
May 18 - June 29, 2013

Further information and images: >>

Befrachtetes Reisen im Algotakt

Lecture and video performance with contributions by Tav Falco
Link to video accompaying the performative lecture >>

Further information on the exhibition and events: Kunsthalle Wien webpage >>
WWTBD. What Would Thomas Bernhard Do
May 17 - 26, 2013
Kunsthalle Wien and Wiener Festwochen >>

ON PURPOSE. The New Derivative Order
Solo show at Kunstraum Bernsteiner, Vienna, AT
Opening: Feb. 28, 2012
February 29 - April 14, 2012
Further information on the exhibition and events:
Kunstraum Bernsteiner website >>

Kunstgastgeber Gemeindebau 012
Municipal Tenements as hosts for art - Herweghof, Matteottihof, Metzleinstalerhof, Reumannhof

KÖR Kunst in public space Vienna, curated by Gerald Straub, Oct 10 - 19, 2012
KÖR webpage >>

SUPERGLUE. Artistic research on scientific research
Gerald Nestler and Gerald Straub
. November 15, 2011
METAmART. Art & Capital
, Künstlerhaus Wien, Nov 11. 2011 - Feb 19. 2012


Recent TALKS (selection)

FORUM ALPBACH. "New Enlightenment". Financial Market Symposium.
Keynote and panel discussion with Paul Mason and Agnes Sreeissler-Führer (chair)
September 1-2, 2016
link to program >>

Radiokolleg - Die Informationsgesellschaft. Von der Macht des algorithmischen Denkens
A Radiokolleg feature by Armin Medosch >>
June 13 - 16, 2016

ISEA 16 Hongkong
Artist talk, with Sylvia Eckermann, May 20, 2017
SOCIAL GLITCH Radical aesthetics and the consequences of extreme events
and The Future of Demonstration. Festival of Post-Digital Art, Vienna 2017 + 2018
link to program >>

Die Algorithmisierung der Zukunft? Ein Gespräch über die Algorithmisierung der Finanzmärkte und ihr Risiko
Talk followed by a discussion with Gunter Dunkel (CEO of NORD/LB bank)
Kunstverein Hannover in cooperation with Basis Zwei (Pit Noack)
March 23, 2016

The Necessary Book is Substracted from Chance
Talk and Book Launch of Elie Ayache, The Medium of Contingency: An Inverse View of the Market (Pelgrave MacMillan, 2015)
Elie Ayache in conversation with Philippe Henrotte and Gerald Nestler
Musée Sursock, Beirut, March 11, 2016

Link >>>

Lectures and Debates @ New Design University St. Poelten, Austria
Lecture "Alienation. Der Preis des Lebenden Geldes," Nov 11, 2015,
Die Sprache des Geldes
lecture series with Ramon Reichert, Wolfgang Harsch, Gerald Nestler, Andreas Langenohl, Peter Harold

Umkreisungen Artistic Work and Economy
Panel discussion with Peter Moosgaard, Gerald Nestler, Christian Stefaner-Schmid
programmed and moderated by Alexandra Reill - kanonmedia
Nov 4, 2015 @ Depot Wien

Renewable Futures conference
organized by RIXC
Riga, October 8-10, 2015
panel "Art and Technopolitics", moderated by Armin Medosch

DAY IN DAY OUT// Störungen des Digitalen
Dresden, Sept 26-Oct 18
panels and workshops curated and moderated by Marian Kaiser

Radiokolleg zum Mitreden: Die Macht der Prognosen. Lässt sich die Zukunft berechnen?
Sept 22, 2015
audio (in German)

ISEA2015. 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art
Vancouver, Aug 14-19, 2015

RENEGADES TRAITORS EDUCATORS. über Überläufer und Whistleblower
In the framework of the exhibition Utopian Pulse - Flares In The Darkroom
Aproject byInes Doujak and Oliver Ressler
Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, July 14, 2015 >>

On the Cultures of High-Frequency Trading, and their Regulations
International Workshop at the University of Konstanz, June 22-23, 2015.
With Christian Borch, Nathan Coombs, Ann-Christine Lange, Karin Knorr Cetina,
Alexander Laumonier, Marc Lenglet, Donald MacKenzie, Yuval Millo,
Gerald Nestler, Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra, Alex Preda, Robert Seyfert.

international symposium organized by esap – escolar superior artistica de porto
Serralves Museum, Porto, Oct 26, 2014

technopolitics salon@ViennaOpen 14
Festival für Open Design, Postdigital Strategies and Open Society
Oct 18, 2014

Paris Market Seminar
organised by philosopher Jon Roffe and Elie Ayache, hosted by ITO33, Paris
June 30-July 1, 2014

Quantitative Easing (for the street)
Opening address for a public art project by Axel Stockburger
curated by Muntean&Rosenblum, commissioned by kör-Kunst im öffentlichen Raum
Vienna, May 27, 2014

Banking in Crisis. The Functions and Relevance of Financial Institutes
Ö1 Radiokolleg feature by Gerhard Pretting, 2014

Artistic Research on Algorithmic Finance
Technopolitics Workshop, Vienna, Deb 27, 2014

Mayhem in Mahwah. The Case of the Flash Crash; or, Forensic Reperformance In Deep Time
Keynote at Autonomies conference, Napon – Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies, Novi Sad, 2013

Carry Cargo Cult
Lecture performance
What Would Thomas Bernhard Do?
May 22, 2013, Kunsthalle Vienna >>

Artistic Research on Algorithmic Finance
Lecture, Technopolitics Workshop, Vienna, 2014

Ad Acta - Kunst, Recht und Internet XXX

Interview, 2012 for the Radio Dispositiv interview series
by Herbert Gnaue on Orange 94.0
Online audio (German only) >>

Die Welt der Finanzindustrie - Mythen, Märkte, Mathematik
(The World of Finance - Myth, Markets, Mathematics)
A Ö1 Radiokolleg series by Armin Medosch, Dec 10-13, 2012
German introduction by Armin Medosch on The Next Layer >>

Symposium Kunst fördert Wissenschaft
Lecture, Nov 19, 2012, IDfactory, TU Dortmund, DE >>

Mapping The Commons
Keynote, Nov 8, 2012, Istanbul, TR

Cultural diplomacy today: between representation, soft power and transversal networks
Conference organized by the Austrian Academy of Sciences
in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum New York.
Vienna, 2012

Talk series ON PURPOSE. The New Derivative Order
organized by Gerald Nestler, 2012
with Elie Ayache, Karin Knorr-Cetina (18.3.)
with Brian Holmes, Armin Medosch and members of technopolitcs research group (14.4.)

kunstraum Bernsteiner, Vienna, 2012.

Contribution to the art section of the Chinese magazine Vision magazine, 2011.
Curated by Li Zhenhua.
ISSUE upload by Li Zhenhua >>

DECLINING DEMOCRACY. Rethinking democracy between utopia and participation
Member of the scientific board with Piroschka Dossi, Christiane Feser and Franziska Nori.
Sept 23, 2011 - Jan 22, 2012
Strozzina. Centro di Cultura contemporanea a Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, Italy

Kunstforum International 200 + 201 | Kunst und Wirtschaft
(Art and Economy)
Edited by Dieter Buchhart and Gerald Nestler (in German)
Issue 201 >>
Issue 200 >>


For collabrative projects with Sylvia Eckermann see:


Selected PROJECTS pre-2010
The Trend Is Your Friend
A performative and interactive artistic environment
MKL/Kunsthaus Graz, 2009
in cooperation with steirischer herbst 09 art festival

Sylvia Eckermann with Gerald Nestler
Sound: Peter Szely

curated by Mirjana Peitler
MedienKunstLabor | Kunsthaus Graz >>
Director: Winfried Ritsch
Credits >>

see movie >>

Nomminated for the FILE PRIX LUX 2010
, File Electronic Language Internationl Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Breathe My Air
Breathe My Air. a paradoxical conversation piece

3-channel video, 118:14 min
filmed and edited by Sylvia Eckermann and Gerald Nestler
© 2008-2011

Languages: English, German, Chinese
Subtitles: English, Chinese
Supported by: City of Vienna, Department of Culture/ Austrian Ministry of Culture/ Austrian Cultural Forum Beijing

2014, refuse the shadow of the past, group show at University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hongkong, curated by ASAP.

2010, solo show at 0-0-0-0, Hangzhou, curated by Li Zhenhua / produced by ChART Contemporary.
2009, Mifan, grou
p show at Anni Art Gallery, Danshanzi 798 art district, Beijing/CN, organised by ASAP, curated by Karel Dudesek.
2009, Mifan, group show at babu art gallery, Shenzhen/CN, curated by Matthias Meinharter. >>

2008, project launch at CPU:798, Beijing/CN, curated by Edward Sanderson and Li Zhenhua.

In Ninth Heaven or The Far End of Europe >>
An Interactive HistoryScape.

2008-9, Museum Stein, Krems/A

A project by Sylvia Eckermann and Gerald Nestler.
Composition and spatial acoustics: Szely


nowhere - ein welt raum spiel

Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler, Oliver Irschitz, Christof Cargnelli

2006 3rd International Digital Art Festival, Changzhou / CN
2006 media@terra, International Art + Technology Festival, Fournos Centre for the Digital Culture, Athens / GR
2006 Beijing Cubic Art Center, / CN
2006 aut.architektur und tirol, Innsbruck / AT
2005 Exhibition Center of the University of Applied Arts, Vienna / AT


umspannen - drawing options >>
Exhibition project on topics and practices of the globalized finance and economy,
examined and informed by methods and practices from visual and digital arts.

Audio-visual installation, drawings, neon, video
with a 4-channel sound by Szely.

2005 Kunstraum Innsbruck / AT
2005 Plattform Raum für Kunst, Vienna /AT


form 4 enlitened elevation
Economy, finance and the real world. Artistic research on the theory and practice of global property systems.
Live-Performances, video works, sculpture, objects, and sound installation.

2004 Association of the Austrian Industries, Vienna / AT

enlitenment >>

Light Sculptures with different light materials.

Different locations.

Sexy Curves Revisited - Inside the Data Wave
Real Time Audio-Visual Performance + Projection

2004 Architectural Biennal Beijing / CN
2003 Biennal de Valencia / E
Both in cooperation with Norbert Brunner's Time Pill-project

CEOs >>
Video Portrait Series
Gerald Nestler & Toni Kleinlercher


2005 "update", Künstlerhaus, Vienna / AT
2005 "Re-Act", Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center Copenhagen / DK

Sexy Curves >>
Real Time Audio-Visual Installation
Gerald Nestler & Toni Kleinlercher

1999-2000 "Sozial Maschine Geld", group show, O.K Centre for Contemporary Art, Linz / AT

electronic dust >>
Solo exhibition, Installation, Video

1995, Gallery of the City of Innsbruck / AT

Real Data Stampede >>
Real-Data Concert for Mass Media and Computer
Thomas Feuerstein, Thomas Bergmann/Peter Chiocchetti/Elmar Schaber,
Mathias Fuchs, Gerald Nestler, Peter Riedlsperger

1994, Utopia, Innsbruck / AT